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“Because of you our wedding day was exponentially more unique and memorable.” ~ Sara Dunn Schorr

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Wedding Portfolio
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Commercial Portfolio

“John's creativity and concept ideas are just the beginning to his spectacular photography. His work has imagination and a depth of skill that brings out subtle details that could never be orchestrated. He captures the subject and the emotion of that very moment and the quality of the print is superb as well.” ~ Jaime Ellsworth

“John is MAGICAL with his camera. My husband and I asked John to photograph our wedding day, as a documentary of how our dream day unfolded in the San Juan Islands, and he was with us as an AMAZING observer. This resulted in a photo slide show, and prints, that were beyond our expectations.” ~ Diane Cutler

Photographic Services


Film & Negative Scanning: Have a bunch of negatives (remember those?) and want to see what's on them? I can create digital files from your negatives, which you can then print from. Or perhaps you have a shoe...


I carry a stock of standard black frames from Aaron Brothers in the following sizes. I can print, mat, and frame your photograph for you. Note: Aaron Brothers glass is non-archival, so if you have a treasured f...


We throw around the term 'Photoshopped' a lot in digital photography. It can mean many different things; from removing the smallest blemish on a portrait, to massive manipulation of an image to create something...


I love Epson printers. This company has consistently proved to be the market leader in print technology; their equipment is well designed and reliably outputs awesome prints. Epson Pro 9900 For prints up ...


RestorationThere are probably millions of old photographs tucked away in shoe boxes under beds all across the country that need some repair and restoration. Time is not friendly to old photographic papers but c...


Photography:Everybody these days has a camera of one sort or another. Even the cheapest of cell phones has a camera built into it that rivals the first digital camera I bought almost ten years ago. Back then it...