Maddie Featured

Maddie and I have a long photographer/model relationship that goes back almost five years. We first worked together out of my home studio, before I went professional, and had a great time together. She understood what I wanted without much explanation. Now, after many studio sessions, it is a pretty quiet affair when we shoot together; we both know how its going to turn out, usually brilliantly.

In all that time we have never shot outside, so after shooting a wedding couple (see the Sara & Sweet Chuck entry) there a few days previous, I suggested we return to the Roche Harbor Mausoleum and see what we could do.

With lovely filtered sunlight coming through the trees, the mausoleum is a wonderfully simple place to shoot. It's like this massive soft box is above you all the time. And then of course there is the dramatic stone table and chairs; an ideal platform for something magical to happen.

Maddie did a variety of clothing changes but the best that worked was with the leather jacket and the mirrored aviators. I guess you could say we were aiming for some sort of rock'n'roll style. Whatever you want to call it, I am pleased with what we got.

You should keep an eye out for Maddie (Madison Adrianna Leiren) in the future; she is a talented fashion designer, and launching her own line soon. I'm excited for her, and selfishly looking forward to shooting for her lookbook and website.