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Sara & Chuck at Jackson's Beach Sara & Chuck at Jackson's Beach

I've said this countless times before but I am always grateful I get to work with so many cool couples and be a part of their wedding day. Sara and Sweet Chuck were no exception. I had met Sweet Chuck in his home town the week previously, shooting his place of work: Hot Rod Tattoo. I finally met Sara on the island the evening before their wedding; they were staying at the beautiful and stylish Island Inn, and so I took them some champagne since it was going to be a super small wedding and they had no friends/family here. When I mean small I mean it was just going to be Sara and Sweet Chuck, the officiant, Archive Brooks, (a legend on the island when it comes to weddings; been marrying people for 20+ years, probably over 1200 weddings under his belt!) and me!

Because the wedding was super small, this afforded me the opportunity to take Sara and Sweet Chuck to some of the more unusual places on the island for their photographs. Both very creative in their own fields, they were really relaxed about their wedding, and trusted me to explore some new ideas for wedding photographs on the island.

There are some very iconic weddings shots that get taken on San Juan Island, and really there isn't a bad place to take a photograph: One of the benefits of living in an island paradise. But I wanted to do something a little different, so first I took them to one of the beaches that has this wonderfully dramatic fallen down pier/dock. There isn't much left of it these days, at one point you could (if you were brave/stupid enough) walk on it. Sadly that's no longer possible, but it still provides an awesome backdrop. Secondly, there is a rather odd architectural anomaly at the other end of the island, called the Roche Harbor Mausoleum. I could go into the history of it, but someone else has told the story better than me. Read that here.

After three hours of being together, which included taking them on a little tour of the island, and shooting in two great locations, I have to say that Sara and Sweet Chuck are an awesome couple, and I am looking forward to seeing them again, not as their photographer, but as a new friend.

Sara wrote this on my facebook wall. :)

Because of you our wedding day was exponentially more unique and memorable.” ~ Sara Dunn Schorr

And that really is why I am a wedding photographer.

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